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As well as a visual refresh, one of the key objectives for our website re-design last year was to move to a responsive design in order to adapt to the rise in mobile device internet access. To achieve this we created our very own purpose-built responsive framework called Sculpt. You can now download Sculpt for free to use on your own website.

Sculpt is a lightweight and mobile-first responsive framework designed to give you the freedom and flexibility you need to create your website.

Mobile-first with progressive enhancement

Sculpt’s stylesheets are written to be mobile-first, which allows you to focus on the core information needed at such a small size, with more complex layouts being introduced as you move up through screen sizes.

The robust core of CSS and the flexibility of SASS

Sculpt has been built from the ground up using SASS (.scss) and is at its most flexible and powerful when using the included .scss stylesheets and variables.

Clean, semantic code

Sculpt allows you to keep your page free from inline styles by utilising a library of flexible css declarations that really do what they say on the tin. Want to make something a container? Give it the class container. Want something to be four column widths wide? Then it needs a class of four. You get the picture.

A big, fat, typographic heart

Sculpt's included stylesheet is based on a 25 pixel typographic baseline. All headings, paragraphs and lists are designed around this baseline and so everything lines up nicely. Swapping out Open Sans for your own family of web fonts is incredibly easy, too.

Start Sculpting!

Rather than sit on this pretty awesome bit of coding, we want everyone to be able to benefit from mobile traffic and build beautiful websites no matter how big the screen size.

You don’t have to be one of our customers, and don’t need to provide us with attribution for you to use it. This is the same framework we use on our own website, and we are giving it to you for free.

Please note: We do not provide any support or guarantees for Sculpt, it is intended to be downloaded and used “as is”.


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