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This is a guest post from Shropgeek, organisers of the (R)Evolution Conference, an upcoming web conference in Shrewsbury.

Heart Internet is a proud sponsor and supporter of the (R)Evolution Conference, Shopshire’s original web conference, taking place on Friday, 25th September at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

Shropgeek presents (R)Evolution

At (R)Evolution, 250 web designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals will hear amazing speakers, including speakers from the Office of National Statistics, Adobe Typekit, and Rewired State/Young Rewired State.

Giving the audience their own opinions on the future of the web industry, the speakers include:

  • Matt Jukes speaking about how a ‘Public Service Internet’ could be an antidote to the trivialisation of the web
  • Jake Giltsoff talking about the future of typography and how designers can shape the future of communication
  • Cole Henley bringing in the tough conversation about charging accurately for your time and effort
  • Andrew Clarke discussing how to create memorable work by focusing on creativity as much as implementation

We’re excited to see Seb Lee-Delisle at the event, not only because Microsoft named him as the Web Personality of the Year and Voice of the Year in 2013. Seb will be exploring how playing with code can blur the boundaries between artist and coder, and how you can create new and exciting things when you explore the possibilities.

PixelPyros in action

He’ll be talking about the work he did at the Dublin Science Gallery’s GAME exhibition in 2012 and 2013 – the amazing Lunar Trails – as well as one of his latest projects, PixelPyros, a digital fireworks display you control. By pushing out of his comfort zone, he’s made some amazing things, and he will be encouraging the audience to also experiment and venture into the unknown.

Having been involved with the conference for some time in some capacity, it is always a pleasure to meet such a varied range of people who have many different interests and insights. Everyone comes from a different angle and the discussions had at the fringe party (and the break times) can be just as valuable as the talks. If that is not enough of a reason, how about checking out this video of summer in Shrewsbury:

This will be the last ever (R)Evolution Conference hosted, so this is your last chance to see such a great line-up in a beautiful town. Tickets are only £99 and supplies are limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to not only see some fantastic speakers and great talks, but also talk to Heart Internet at the sponsorship stand.


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