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Four, three, two, one… launch. 

Heart Internet’s new range of unmanaged dedicated servers is now available.  

The DS 32, DS 64, DS 128 and DS 256 are the most powerful dedicated servers Heart has offered to date. 

In this blog post we’ll look a little more closely at what prompted Heart to create them, their technical specs and what they can do for you.  

The thinking behind the new collection 

Heart’s new selection of unmanaged dedicated servers were designed for web professionals.  

They were made for those who need deep root access to their servers as well as total control over their server resources.  

They were also created to be acutely tailorable – we go into more detail about this below.   

What sort of websites/applications are these servers ideal for? 

These servers are especially suitable for…  

  • Running high traffic websites 
  • Online gaming 
  • Running multiple applications – in fact,our investigations havefound that the average dedicated server customer runs seven to eight applications on a server, on average.  
  • Live media streaming 
  • Machine learning 
  • Custom applications 
  • Custom PHP/HTML/Javascriptwebsites 
  • Big data manipulation 

Now for the technical specifications 

Highlights of this new range of unmanaged servers include…  

  • Bare metal access  
  • Customisation down to the kernel level – see below for more details 
  • Up to 256GB of RAM – that’s up to double what we’ve offered in the past  
  • Up to 16 CPUs – 32 threads – for scalable performance  
  • Unlimited traffic with 1GBit bandwidth  
  • Performance monitoring  you can turn on email alerts to get updates on high resource usage or any outages. In addition, you can monitor trends in elements like CPU and RAM by day, week, month and year.     

Customisation: the details 

NVMe SSDs or HDDS   

Depending on your needs, you can choose to configure your server with either NVMes, for speed, or HDDS for greater storage.   

Windows or Linux 

If you want to configure your server with Windows, you have the choice between Windows 2016 or 2019. If you opt for Linux, you can pick between Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 7 operating systems.  

Control panel  

You may prefer to manage your server using the command line through SSH access. However, you do have the option, should you require it, of adding a control panel like cPanel to your package.   

6 of the most frequently asked questions about our new servers  

How do you describe these servers in a nutshell? 

These servers are powerful, high-performing, totally tailorable, completely controllable.  

Will the introduction of these servers affect existing dedicated server customers? 

No. Customers who already have dedicated server packages with Heart Internet will not have to migrate to these new servers. They will keep the specifications they originally signed up for.  

How do I know it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server?  

Compared to other forms of hosting, these servers offer increased power, more control and improved performance. If you feel like your existing hosting option is falling short in any of these areas, it’s probably time to upgrade.  

Where can I get more details on these servers?  

Full technical specs and further information can be found on the unmanaged dedicated server pages of the Heart website.  

As these servers are unmanaged, what will my responsibilities be if I buy one? 

You’re responsible for server software and performance, configuring hosting and email settings, securing your server, network configuration and the installation of third-party modules and plug-ins.  

Heart Internet, meanwhile, is responsible for server hardware, power and network availability, manual reboot availability and control panel license availability.    

How technical do I need to be to be able to run on of these servers? 

These servers have been designed for the likes of sys admins and those who know their way around a server.   

If you’re not experienced in this area, but need more power than shared hosting offers, you might want to consider a product such as Business Hosting, which allows you to use the intuitive cPanel control panel to manage server admin.  

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