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We’ve had lots of requests for a one-click install of OpenCart, and we’re happy to announce OpenCart hosting is now available via your eXtend control panel if you’re a Home Pro, Business Pro or Reseller customer.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a powerful ecommerce solution packed with features so you can create your own online shop. If you’ve thought about selling online – or your customers have – then OpenCart is an attractive and user-friendly way to create a store and start making money.

Some of OpenCart’s many features include:

•  Unlimited products and categories

•  Multi-currency support

•  Product reviews and ratings

•  Template designs

•  More than 20 payment options and 8 shipping options

•  Integrated discount code system

•  SEO benefits

•  Sales reports and printable invoices

•  Back up and restore tools

•  Automatic image resizing

•  Guest checkouts

Try the demo here

How do I install OpenCart?

If you’re a web hosting customer, simply log into eXtend and scroll down to the Ecommerce section to install OpenCart.

If you’re a reseller, you can also offer a one-click install of OpenCart to your customers. To activate OpenCart installs for your customers, you will need to edit the hosting package(s) in question. Choose the package you want to add OpenCart to, then check the ‘Synchronise accounts’ box, and scroll down to the OpenCart checkbox and check it. At the bottom of the page, save your changes.


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  • Steve Flanders


    Awesome addition to the setup…

  • Davide


    Nice product HI: have had a play in the past only downside is that a lot of the extentions you have to pay for and some are not cheap;


  • Martin Jones


    Fantastic news – really useful. I’ve successfully installed OpenCart a number of times and this will speed up the process – not to mention promote its existence to a wider audience. Not only a powerful tool for implementing a site, but the back-end admin for the site owner is wonderfully easy too. Many of the useful extensions are in fact free, but those that are not are well worth the money – a massive boost to a developer’s array of tools.

    Well done to the team at Heart Internet for listening to customer requests!

  • Freddie


    Fantastic! Thanks Heart!

  • Danny


    Nice to know you guys are listening…I only mentioned this this the other day…

  • Chris


    Craig this is great news!

    Heart Internet always listen to our hearts!

    Guys you are one step ahead!

  • Gabi


    One word. “Sexual”!!

  • anil


    How about Prestashop? Rated no1 open source ecommerce solutions. We get a lot of requests on our reseller account about Prestashop. Please add them next.

  • 24/06/2011


    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it to the list.



  • Danny


    yeah I filled out a feedback form the other day also asking for prestashop as well as open cart….looking good though…keep it up

  • David


    What a fantastic bit of kit! In the past I have always used FreeWebStore, but OpenCart’s back-end admin is far superior. Excellent work HI.

  • Alan Pearson


    I requested this script to be included some time ago so pleased to see it now included. Opencart is one of the best Open Source shopping carts and is getting better with each revision. Just watch out for the upgrade process though as it is not yet fully automatedand if you have a non standard template can cause the site to break.I have been using it for 2 years and you can see a couple of my sites at and both hosted on Heart Internet. Well done for including OpenCart.

  • robart


    Opencart is the best of all. I used OSC for a while and tried a few others also.


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