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We’ve had lots of requests for a one-click install of OpenCart, and we’re happy to announce OpenCart hosting is now available via your eXtend control panel if you’re a Home Pro, Business Pro or Reseller customer.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a powerful ecommerce solution packed with features so you can create your own online shop. If you’ve thought about selling online – or your customers have – then OpenCart is an attractive and user-friendly way to create a store and start making money.

Some of OpenCart’s many features include:

•  Unlimited products and categories

•  Multi-currency support

•  Product reviews and ratings

•  Template designs

•  More than 20 payment options and 8 shipping options

•  Integrated discount code system

•  SEO benefits

•  Sales reports and printable invoices

•  Back up and restore tools

•  Automatic image resizing

•  Guest checkouts

Try the demo here

How do I install OpenCart?

If you’re a web hosting customer, simply log into eXtend and scroll down to the Ecommerce section to install OpenCart.

If you’re a reseller, you can also offer a one-click install of OpenCart to your customers. To activate OpenCart installs for your customers, you will need to edit the hosting package(s) in question. Choose the package you want to add OpenCart to, then check the ‘Synchronise accounts’ box, and scroll down to the OpenCart checkbox and check it. At the bottom of the page, save your changes.



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