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With the launch of a new decade (or generation), drinks manufacturer Pepsi has unveiled its first tagline in 20 years, “That’s What I Like”.

The rebranded US-based tagline, which follows in the footsteps of its iconic “The Choice of the New Generation”, will appear across new Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar and Diet Pepsi advertisements and promotions indefinitely.

“Pepsi drinkers are comfortable in their own skin, they enjoy their life unapologetically without really worrying about what other people think,” said Pepsi’s VP of marketing, Todd Kaplan.

The new tagline, explained Mr Kaplan, is an expression of what company research had told them about their customers. “We created this campaign to pay homage to this unapologetic mindset embraced by our most loyal fans, with a music-forward expression to pinpoint the feeling our consumers have when they genuinely enjoy themselves in an uninhibited way.”

“That’s What I Like,” he continued, is a “clean, crisp articulation of that”.

Five new television commercials

The rebranded messaging will begin with the rollout of five new television commercials. The new TV ads portray everyday people getting lost in the moment, dancing their way past the perplexed gaze of onlookers.

Joe McHugh, senior director of insights & analytics at Pepsi, said the company worked “extensively to evolve and deepen” its understanding of Pepsi’s typical customer.

“By leveraging both broad qualitative and quantitative research, we’ve unlocked rich consumer learnings that have enabled us to fine tune our brand communications in a meaningful way that resonates with our unapologetically passionate and loyal Pepsi drinkers,” he added.

Pepsi “That’s What I Like” Infographic

Tag(line), you’re it

So, what do you think of Pepsi’s rebranded tagline? Let us know in a comment.

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