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Welcome to Reseller Hosting 101 – a new series of articles on reseller hosting for beginners.

In the next few blogs, we’ll be writing about everything from the benefits of reseller hosting to the top things to look for in a reseller hosting provider.

By the end of the series, you should know exactly how to find your feet as a reseller.

Need all the advice in one handy place? Once we’ve published the collection of articles, you’ll be able to download the entire guide as a handy PDF.

Shortly, we’ll jump into our first topic – the top seven benefits of becoming a reseller – where you can find out what’s in it for you.

But first, we’ll take a little diversion, to consider what it is we actually mean by reseller hosting…

What is reseller hosting?

When you’re a hosting reseller, you buy a range of hosting products – from domain names to dedicated servers – from a larger web hosting company and sell them on to your own clients.

The larger company is responsible for backend tasks such as server security, power, and network availability, so you can focus on other important objectives such as sales and building your brand.

The top 7 benefits of becoming a reseller

Low initial business start-up costs: All it really takes to set up as a reseller is a reseller hosting account, which start at around £31.99 a month.

You’ll probably want to invest a little time and money into developing a company logo and creating marketing materials. However, you can always begin with a place-holder logo and work on honing your brand and publicity efforts a little further down the line.

Quick and easy business set up: When you buy a reseller hosting package, you get everything you need to start reselling immediately, including a sales system and often a CRM platform.

Profits: If you put in the work, reselling can be extremely profitable. In fact, you can start making profit from as little as your tenth sale.

Here’s an example….

Let’s say a reseller account costs £41.99 per month.
Imagine the reseller charges between £2.49/month and £7.99/month for their various hosting packages. With their ‘home’ package being £4.99/month.
The reseller would only need to sell nine of these ‘home’ packages a month to cover the cost of their account.
Often, the cost of the reseller account does not start increasing until a reseller has more than 250 packages. So, packages 10 to 250 are basically pure profit in terms of what they are paying on their account. 250 packages at £5/month is £1,250 a month income, against a cost of £41.99.

Work from anywhere: You don’t need a bricks and mortar store or even an office to set up as a reseller – all you need is the online presence that comes included with your reseller hosting package. So, you can work from anywhere and set your own hours.

Opportunities to grow: The best reseller web hosting packages don’t come with caps, so you can shoot for the moon when it comes to acquiring new customers and expanding your own business.

Full support behind the scenes: When you choose to resell through a reseller hosting package, all the ‘under the bonnet’ tasks regarding servers and security are taken care of for you.

The hosting company you partner with will take care of things like server updates, security, mail server configuration and network availability. If you have any queries yourself, you can reach out to the support team of your partner company, too.

Create your own unique brand: Reseller hosting allows you to fully white label everything from your website to your customer emails, meaning you get to tailor your company’s brand exactly the way you want it.

Want to find out more?

We’ll be answering more burning questions about reseller hosting over the coming weeks, but to get an idea of what Heart Internet offers on the reseller hosting front, jump to our reseller hosting pages.


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