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As a Reseller Pro customer you can give your own clients access to a diverse range of over 70 one click install web apps, including CMS, analytics, email and more. The choices you have to make are which of these you make available in the eXtend web hosting control panel (all, a selection or none, the choice is yours) and how prominently you display them on your website.

Key decisions include:

• Which one click install software do clients expect you to give them access to?

• Are there any logos you should display on your website’s home page?

• Are there any that need to be on your main sales copy?

• Should you have a dedicated page for some of the software?

Rather than guessing, here are some useful stats to help you rank the software in priority order based on what customers want.

The number of installs from our servers

The best place to start is always with what customers are doing. With this in mind, the 20 most popular one click install apps, based on installations from our servers in the past 30 days, are:





















































































% of installations





AWStats Statistics



Joomla 3



Joomla 2.5






Form to Email






Drupal 7






Open Web Analytics



Zen Cart Shopping Cart



Piwik Stats



phpBB3 Forum






Roundcube Webmail



CMS Made Simple









Squirrel Mail






As you can see WordPress is by far the most popular one click install web app we have, but I think it is fair to say that would be most people’s guess for number one. However, the second most popular may be a surprise for many. This data also shows the popularity of certain ecommerce software.

Search demand

What people do once they have access to software, and what they are looking for beforehand are not always necessarily the same. Thanks to Google’s keyword tool we can see exactly how many searches are being conducted every month for related keywords.

If we search just for the exact match keywords WordPress is still number one, but Moodle jumps up to being the second most popular.

Keyword Monthly Searches (UK)
[wordpress] 201,000
[moodle] 165,000
[joomla] 27,100
[drupal] 14,800
[opencart] 6,600
[prestashop] 4,400
[roundcube] 2,900
[zen cart] 2,400
[sugarcrm] 2,400
[concrete5] 1,900
[buddypress] 1,900
[piwik] 1,000
[awstats] 880
[cms made simple] 880
[phpbb3] 720
[squirrel mail] 720
[osticket] 720
[form to email] 110
[open web analytics] 110

If we tailor the keywords further to target hosting specific searches, the total number of searches naturally drops, but the order is pretty much the same:

Keyword Monthly Searches (UK)
[wordpress hosting] 1,900
[joomla hosting] 480
[drupal hosting] 260
[moodle hosting] 140
[opencart hosting] 91
[prestashop hosting] 73
[zen cart hosting] 28
[concrete5 hosting] 22
[buddypress hosting] 5

Choosing the right software

Based on this data the key one click install web apps I would advertise prominently on my website (home page, web hosting product page and even a dedicated landing page) are WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal and PrestaShop. If I were targeting educational websites I would also make Moodle available and prominently display it on my website, as it is clearly very popular software amongst that segment.


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  • Billy S


    Very interesting to read this article.

    What surprised me to a point is that oSCommerce is a no show. Seems to be losing, or has completely lost it’s popularity. I’ve never been a fan of oSCommerce to be honest.

    I’m also surprised that Open Cart isn’t installed more, but not surprised it’s the most popular of the e-commerce packages.

    As for WP being the most popular, that’s not surprising at all.

    And with the RoundCube webmail programme, who really needs to bother to install webmail, considering HI’s webmail facility?

    It’s all about choice, and everyone has their own preferences, but I do make a point of making all available.

    On one click installs currently not available via the HI control panel, Project Send is a nifty but basic client file sharing package. I’ve set this up for a few customers who need to share large files with clients, and saves them sending large email attachments, and my customers are well pleased with it.

  • 09/07/2013

    Hi Billy,

    Thanks for your comment and for the tip about Project Send; we’ll take a look at this.



  • Jonathan


    Good info but the moodle 1 click needs updating. We get loads of people asking what version is available and when informed they go elsewhere. Please update this.

  • 10/07/2013

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your comment. We’re currently testing Moodle 2.5.1 and aim to make this available soon.



  • Tom



    I just noticed that MyBB is not on this list! one of the most popular forum scripts out at the moment!

  • 10/07/2013

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your comment. We don’t have any plans to add MyBB at the moment but will keep you posted if this changes.



  • Freddie


    Hey All,

    I have had requests for (dot nuke net)…



  • 15/07/2013

    Hi Freddie,

    Thanks for your comment. We don’t have any plans to introduce this at the moment but we will keep you updated if this changes.




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