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We’re delighted to announce that we’re back sponsoring WordCamp Belfast, happening on May 25th, 26th, and 27th, at the Peter Froggatt Centre at Queen’s University.

Back after a year’s hiatus, WordCamp Belfast is a great opportunity for WordPress enthusiasts in Ireland and the UK to get together and share knowledge, discuss ideas, and express their love of WordPress. Whether you’re just starting out or manage hundreds of WordPress sites, WordCamp Belfast is a great opportunity to get involved.

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With over 30 speakers across two days and two tracks, there are plenty of talks covering a wide range of topics. Here are the five we’re excited about:

Turbocharging Site Speed…With Taxonomies by Tom Nowell
Saturday, Track B, 11:45

Taxonomies are always great for perfectly organising your site’s categories, but with a few tricks, you can boost your site’s performance too. Tom gets into private taxonomies, and how you can use them to fix common data storage mistakes.

Easing the Hurricane Called Team by Ricardo Castelhano
Saturday, Track A, 12:45

Whenever you build a team of designers and developers, you’re building a miniature hurricane of legacy code, personal standards, and general mayhem. Ricardo will provide some good basic ideas on how to tame the oncoming storm before it hits your production rollouts.

Who needs PHP? by David Hoy
Saturday, Track B, 14:45

David gets into the Toolset plug-in, and how using it can help you build quick front-end forms and easily manage captured data, even without PHP knowledge. So don’t let your lack of programming skills hold you back – get the repeat business you want!

Security is a Process, Not a Plug-in by Thomas Vitale
Sunday, Track B, 10:30

So many people think that all you need to make your WordPress site secure is to install a single plug-in. Here, Thomas gets into security awareness, what needs to happen with your site, and how installing one plug-in right before deployment isn’t going to cut it.

WordPress GDPR Compliance Project by Heather Burns
Sunday, Track B, 13:15

Heather talks about her current work on making WordPress GDPR compliant, including what the compliance project is, what has been done so far, what tools have been made, and what’s to come to make WordPress all ready for GDPR.


There’s also a great Young Enterprise WordPress Workshop on Friday, 26 May, as part of the Contributor Day, not to mention that someone you know will be talking about the importance of documentation on Saturday in Track B at 17:15…

It’s three days of WordPress activity and we’d love to see you there. Tickets are only £25, so get yours now!

And if you’re a Heart Internet customer, come say hi!


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