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We’re happy to announce our third email course – SEO fundamentals.

Like our courses on Copywriting and Social Media Strategies, you’ll receive an email every other working day filled with informative and easy-to-read information designed to help you with your business.

Our SEO Fundamentals course breaks down search engine optimisation, providing you with some useful tips and tricks to help your website perform better.

Over two weeks and in eight emails, you’ll learn how to build your search engine ranking organically, with tips on:

  • Optimising your website’s HTML
  • Producing the best content
  • Getting those valuable backlinks effectively
  • Monitoring your progress
  • What not to do

This course is completely free, and you can sign up at any time, with your first email arriving two working days after you sign up.

To sign up to our SEO Fundamentals Course, please enter your email address below:

We hope you enjoy this course!

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