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In October, we launched the Heart Internet web design survey 2012 with the aim of gathering valuable information about the web design industry from the people who make it what it is.

After studying the results of our online survey (conducted amongst 500 web designers on, we decided to put the key findings into an infographic so that people could see for themselves what web designers think about their industry.

Having quizzed our sample on important issues such as mobile and tablet design, attitudes towards competition speculative work and the future of the industry, we are able to draw conclusions about the major challenges and concerns that web designers are facing.

One of the more eyebrow-raising results of the survey included how 88% of web designers say that their clients often underestimate the cost of web design. We also saw how web designers are predicting a tough 12 months ahead, with three out of four saying that work will get no easier to find next year, and 79% saying that prices are falling due to increased competition.

Click the below image to see the full size version.


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