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We recently asked you to tell us ‘What’s the best song to work to?’ on social media, and you didn’t let us down. We received hundreds of responses – people picked everything from heavy metal songs to country.

With such a range of opinions – from Sweet Home Alabama to We Gotta Get Out of this Place – it soon became clear that it would be impossible to cherry-pick a single supreme song.

So, it got us thinking about what the ultimate at-work playlist would look like.

In this article, we go beyond personal preferences to look at the impact music can have on actual productivity and mood at work.

Then we offer up a collection of playlists that have the potential to be classed as the perfect accompaniment to the nine to five.

Not got time to read the rest of this blog? Just plump for the longest song in the world – at more than 13 hours long it should see you through a serious shift.

Music and motivation

Music is a powerful thing. Some songs can stir up memories from significant moments in our lives, like a first dance or the last day at high school. A member of the Heart Internet team confesses that the song Barbie Girl makes them want to reach to turn off their alarm clock – because they once had it as their alarm clock tone on their phone.

So what impact can music have on work?

A study, by psychologist Teresa Lesiuk, from the University of Windsor, Canada, indicated that music can have a positive effect on work. Her research found that quality-of-work was lowest with no music, while time-on-task was longest when music was removed.

Other researchers have found that listening to Mozart for 10 minutes improved the abstract reasoning abilities of college students. Discovered in 1993, this impact is known as The Mozart Effect.

Then there are studies that have found mixed results. Like this one, which suggests music without lyrics is preferential for concentration as songs with lyrics can cause a distraction and affect performance.

So enough of the science bit. We’ve rounded up five playlists to put on next time you want to knuckle down and go to town on your to-do list. You can let us know if they’ve helped or hindered your progress on social media or in the comments.

Nature’s call

From bird calls, to rain fall, jungle ambience to ocean waves, the sounds of nature offer a gentle soundtrack to your working day. Try the Nature Sounds playlist and see if it keeps you focused.

A class(ical) of its own

As we’ve already mentioned, classical music can be an excellent way to keep your mind from wandering. Enhance your focus with the Classical Focus playlist.


Different tones and frequencies can have different effects on your mind. A gamma wave is considered to be the fastest brain activity and can help with increasing focus and concentration. Check out the playlist below and see for yourself.

Early bird

Get yourself into the zone from the get go with the Productive Morning playlist.

Home is where the heart is

Working from home can throw you enough challenges without also having to decide on what to listen to. Clock into the Work From Home playlist to give yourself eight hours of music to get you through the day.


What’s the soundtrack to your working day? Let us know in the comments below, or get involved on social media – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – so give us a follow and get social with us.


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