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If you’re not familiar with our ‘Tips in Ten’ series, it’s basically a set of internal team talks we used to help explain, advise, and trigger discussions within the company. The talks were in the form of short presentations with slide decks, and we’re now bringing those decks to you so you can get some tips on how we do things and get an insight into the way we work.

This time the topic is the Google Display Network, and how you can set it up to remarket to your website visitors. This means that when they visit another website on the Google Display Network, they can be shown your advert, which reminds them about you and encourages them to return to your site.

In just ten slides and ten minutes, this deck:

  • Explains what remarketing is
  • Explains what the Google Display Network is
  • Talks you through setting it up for your website
  • Outlines the key features and options
  • Provides practical examples of GDN remarketing in use
  • Lists tips and best practices.


If you missed the previous decks in our Tips in Ten series, you can find them here:

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