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A while back we had the idea of doing short internal talks on a variety of topics. These introduced new concepts for our rapidly growing marketing team and/or gave us a chance to discuss ways we could implement or improve various promotion and content strategies at Heart Internet.

We’ve now turned them into a public ‘Tips in Ten’ series: ten slides in ten minutes. The aim is to help you with all kinds of things from thinking in different ways to implementing practical changes for your website. We hope you find them as useful as we do.

The first ‘Tips in Ten’ slide deck is based around ideas. As a company, every single team at Heart Internet is encouraged to come up with ideas, and every single one is listened to and discussed.

For us in the content and marketing teams in particular, good ideas are the foundation of everything we do. Any way to come up with them is pounced on, and we’re strong believers that strong ideas can’t be forced. However, they are often nurtured from small sparks of inspiration, and that’s what this deck covers – where to get started with that inspiration, regardless of whether or not you’re naturally an ideas person.

This deck is flexible enough to adapt to idea generation for anything and everything. In ten slides you’ll get a whistle-stop tour of online and offline idea sources, effective brainstorming, reframing ideas and content, analysing and using good existing ideas, and organising them online.



You can check out the rest of our Slideshare presentations here.

If you’d like to suggest a ‘Tips in Ten’  – maybe you’d like to find out more about a topic or how we approach something the Heart Internet way – just email with your idea. If we use it, you’ll get full credit, so please include your URL and/or Twitter handle.


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