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Instagram has emerged as a staple social media channel, allowing businesses to provide an inside look at their day to day activities and personality to their visitors. Because Instagram offers such a fantastic opportunity for businesses to add to their branding activities by showing themselves as much more than a commodity, it’s also important to make sure that it doesn’t infringe too much on your work time. This post will give you some great content ideas for Instagram that you can gather quickly and easily.

The people behind your business

The best place to start when considering what content to share with your Instagram followers is with the people that make up your business. Do they have any special talents or interesting hobbies? For example, here at Heart Internet we have talented artists, photographers, DJs, skateboarders, figurine makers, chainmail makers and more. These talents are all part of that individuals’ personality and, therefore, part of your company’s personality. You could ask them if they have any images involving their talents or simply ask them to bring in something related to it for a quick pic.

Photos in your office

If you work in a geeky office, or just happen to be a geek yourself, it’s usually a safe bet that you have a few cool and quirky objects or messages already on your work spaces. These are great content to share on Instagram with your followers so they can get a sense not only of the environment in which you work but maybe something about your approach to work and the personalities that make up your business. Because these items may already be in your workplaces, it’s a quick job to take a few shots of them to upload to Instagram in stages.

Events that you attend

Events are another great source of Instagrammable (that’s a word, right?) content. If you’re the kind of person who likes to engage with the local communities related to your profession, why not take some photos of the highlights of the events and share these with your followers? These images not only allow your followers to get a better understanding of your day to day activities, they can also present you as a business with people who like to stay up to date with the latest trends and enjoy engaging with people who are in their industry.

History of your company

Even if your company has only been going for a short period of time, all businesses have a history that they can tap into to present themselves as more than a commodity. You can share images that tell the story of how your business came to be and the people who have joined you along the way. Did you previously work in a different space, complete any actions or initiatives that you’re particularly proud of, or work with anyone that really inspired you? If you happen to have any images of these moments sitting on your hard drive, fish them out as a quick win for great content.

Social activities

If you are more than an army of one, it’s worth considering what social activities you participate in with your work friends. Do you go running together, do any events or initiatives for charity or in your local business community, do you make cakes for people birthdays or other special occasions? Instagramming images of these activities helps to show you as an active and friendly group who enjoy themselves whilst providing top notch work.

Sources of inspiration

Ultimately, anything that inspires you can be good content for Instagram. Often, the things that inspire you come when you’re not in the office. They happen when you’re at the park, at an art gallery, driving, taking a relaxing walk, on holiday and so on. So, whenever you come across something that gives you an idea or just makes you see something in a different light, it’s worth taking an image of for Instagram. What’s more, you don’t have to make special efforts to go out and find sources of inspiration; they’re all around us in the most common places.

In summary, there are plenty of options for Instagram content sitting right under your nose, allowing you to present yourself as much more than a commodity to your customers without this taking much time away from your core work.

Do you have any top tips for Instagram content? Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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