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We’re happy to announce our Website of the Month winner for July 2017 – The Best Photobooths!

The top of The Best Photobooths website

Providing photobooths for events such as weddings, parties, and special events, The Best Photobooths uses a simple parallax site to make an impact. With large aspirational imagery, the key information is easily accessible while the site stays very visual in nature.

We talked to Chris Goodchild, owner and maker of the site.

What is The Best Photobooths and what does your business do?

Between us, we have over 20 years of expertise in customer service and make it our priority to ensure our clients have the best photobooth experience with us.

Our prop box goes as deep as Mary Poppins’ bag and is constantly growing. From bowler hats to blow-up microphones, sunglasses to signage – the best prop box will cater for any event.

Through state-of-the-art software combined with video messaging, we also have something we call “Magic Photos”, which bring our clients’ photos to life. It’s a very cool bit of software which you can see in this video.

We like to think this makes us a little different to other photobooth companies.

How does the site support and drive your company’s goals?

Our brand is extremely important to us, from our high-end photobooths to our uniform to even our office notepaper. It all has to work together.

So when it came to the website, we really felt it needed to project a fun, creative, and professional outfit too.

We want our prospective clients to be able to find everything on one page, and that’s proven extremely successful. The addition of our live chat function has also been a great hit – we love being able to chat to our clients in real time and answering the questions they have.

A section of the site showing off the photobooths

What would you say the website’s personality is?

Friendly, cheeky, playful, approachable, but still professional. We tried to make it representative of what you’d get when you meet us.

It’s the digital personality of the people that make up the company!

When you designed the website, did you design with the customer in mind or did you have a fixed idea on how you wanted to portray your brand online?

Being the customer as well as the website designer, I knew exactly what we wanted. Every business needs a mobile-friendly website, but not every website pulls it off, and that was a major part of how I designed the site.

A section of the site showing the range of events a photobooth would be good for

What is your favourite thing about the website?

It looks totally different from any other photobooth site I’ve seen. It’s hard to look different in such a crowded market, but I feel our brand and website achieves this.

I particularly like our logo – it’s fun, it stands out, and it’s transferable. We have it on our uniforms and letterheads and it identifies us really well.

What do you think makes your site different from the competition?

Its look, feel, and friendly usability. We haven’t seen many photobooth websites that can compete!

Do you have any future plans for the website?

With more online strategies in the pipeline, the website will, of course, play a big part of business growth moving forward. Aside from that, it’s a secret!

A section of the site explaining how to book a photobooth

Thanks, Chris! And congratulations again for winning!

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