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We’re proud to announce that the winner of Website of the Month for April 2018 is Deptherapy!

Deptherapy provide opportunities to current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services for rehabilitation, motivation, and life enrichment through scuba diving.

Screenshot of Deptherapy's Home Page

The site, written by one of Deptherapy’s program members David (Aitch) Hubber, showcases the charity’s work with large imagery and informative content, raising awareness and driving funding from potential sponsors. Mobile optimisation ensures user accessibility as well as responsiveness.

We sat down with Simon Mackay, Deptherapy’s Associate Director of Technology and Data Protection Officer, for a chat about how the website was designed to help injured soldiers and introduce the world to Deptherapy.

Screenshot of the Deptherapy About Us page

What is Deptherapy and what do you do?

We provide opportunities to individuals for rehabilition, motivation, and life enrichment through specially tailored professionally delivered scuba diving, limited to current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services with life-changing physical and/or mental illnesses such as PTSD.

How does the website support your charity’s goals?

Our site allows us to reach out to those unaware of our work and help raise the much-needed funds to continue providing the much-needed support to our program members as well as to showcase the work of the charity for potential corporate sponsors.

Screenshot of the Deptherapy Patrons page

What would you say the website’s personality is?

We hope the website is approachable and informative allowing the visitors the ability to see what our work is about, and see the great success we get from helping the injured soliders and those struggling with PTSD.

When the website was designed, did you design with the customer in mind, or did you have a fixed idea on how you wanted to portray the brand through the website?

We have had a few designs in the past, and we did a total re-write to make the site more streamlined and allow for easy interaction on the site.

What’s your favourite thing about the website?

The design works well in all browsers and all formats.

Screenshot of the Deptherapy page on PTSD

What do you think makes the website different from the competition?

We’re unique in the charity world in that we provide diving to injured service personnel, but in comparison to other charities’ websites, we showcase our cases to show the results we achieve.

Do you have any future plans for the website?

Right now, we’re focusing on updating the cookie policy and privacy policies in light of the GDPR changes on personal data!

And how has it been being a Heart Internet customer?

We moved to Heart Internet following our previous hosting company closing down. The switch was painless, with no loss of service the entire time.

Screenshot of the Deptherapy Contact page

Thank you so much, Simon, and congratulations on winning!

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