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We’re delighted to announce the Heart Internet Website of the Month winner for August 2018 – Epix Media!

Screenshot of the Epix Media home page

A full creative studio, Epix Media offers design, web development, and video production, and this powerhouse of creativity resides at the heart of the company’s own website.

From a standout design to lean development, the visual and interactive experience gives potential customers a first-hand demonstration of the quality they can expect.

We sat down with James Heywood, Marketing Manager at Epix Media, to discuss their amazing website.

Screenshot of the Epix Media Creativity page

Who are Epix Media and what are your core services?

Epix Media are a creative studio for ambitious brands. Our core services are design, web development, and video production, and we deliver these services in a unique three-step way: strategy, creativity, and implementation. This enables us to create products that are well thought out and designed to deliver results.

How does the website enhance and support Epix Media’s goals?

We recently undertook a rebrand, and, as a creative studio, we understood that our website had to be better than everyone else’s. We had to own a site that reflects exactly how creative, ambitious, and talented we are.

For instance, the footer video is something a little bit different – it showcases the personality of our team as well as our organisation. And strategically, we understand that introducing the video onto the footer would increase viewing time on the site, meaning our average session time would go up, and, therefore, help increase our relevancy score in our search engine optimisation.

What would say the website’s personality is?

Our website is all about us. It’s designed to showcase our personality as a team, reflecting our fun, creative, and talented nature. And we believe it’s delivering this perfectly.

Screenshot of the footer video on the Epix Media website

When the website was being designed, did you design with the customer in mind or did you have a fixed idea on how you wanted to portray the brand?

Our main goal when designing the website was that it had to portray the brand’s personality while also keeping the customer journey in mind. For example, our main navigation only includes our three main services to help simplify and get straight to the point about what we offer our clients.

Additionally, we’ve designed a way to communicate our Strategy > Creativity > Implementation process throughout all our services pages. You can read more about this in our blog post, “5 Ways To Use Ambitious Creativity To Get Genuine Results”.

What’s your favourite thing about this website?

My favourite thing probably isn’t even on the site itself – it was the team work that went into it. Our whole team got involved and developed something that showcased us as a team.

All-in-all, the process took about six months. Six months of researching competitors, researching the industry, developing creative ideas, researching how to produce these ideas, developing our new processes, identifying how to communicate, and then selling it to our audience.

Screenshot of the Epix Media Implementation page

Speaking of researching your competitors, what do you think makes the website different from the competition?

Not only the personality you get from it, but also the way it’s been designed with strategic creativity from the heart. We took a long time to understand how it would be used.

We understand that our site is our single biggest portfolio piece, and during our research, we saw plenty of competitors who didn’t have the love, creativity, or design you’d expect from web design companies. And we knew we had to have that.

What are your future plans for the website?

We’ve put user experience tracking and heat mapping onto the site, so we can review how people use the website on a regular basis. We can then use this information to enhance features, make items easier to use, and adapt the site to behavioural patterns.

For example, we noticed many visitors were clicking on the “It’s all going on down here” element. Originally, it didn’t do anything – it was just a nice design feature. But as a result of seeing visitors clicking on it, we made it interactive, and now there’s a smooth scroll when you click on it.

And how has it been being a Heart Internet customer?

Heart Internet is awesome – otherwise we’d never use you.

Screenshot of a section of the Epix Media home page

Thanks, James! And congratulations on winning!

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