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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. So we’ve rounded up a collection of gizmos and gadgets that would make perfect gifts for web designers and developers.

Why give a satsuma when you can gift these?

Give me a <br/> mug

There aren’t many web designers that don’t love a cup of coffee. This mug should ensure they have a little giggle as they sip the day away.

PRICE: £11

Bugs in the code mug

The words on this mug highlight a daily struggle for web developers all over the world.

PRICE: £20.80

Slogan pencils

These colourful pencils feature puns that all web designers and developers should be able to relate to like NewFinalFinal, Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet and Oh Crop.

PRICE: £8.48

Code blooded t-shirt

This t-shirt says it all when it comes to summing up why many web designers and developers do what they do.

PRICE: £15.06

World’s smallest vacuum cleaner

Web designers and developers aren’t strangers to hard work. Often, tight deadlines can mean working long hours and eating at the desk. This little gizmo will ensure it’s easy to clean up the crumbs after a working lunch.

PRICE: £13.99

Stormtrooper glass

Pour liquid into this glass and it fills the head of a Stormtrooper. It’s ideal for keeping hydrated through busy days.

PRICE: £12.99

Desktop punch machine

As we brought to life in our ’12 things clients say that only creatives will get’ blog, there comes a time in every web designer’s career when they will have to work with a slightly difficult client. This retro punch bag toy can be used to let off a little steam.

PRICE: £24.99

Cable organisers

You know the saying, a tidy desk means a tidy mind – these leather cable organisers allow you to make all your wires look neat and tidy.


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