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Jenni Brown

Jenni was Heart Internet's Senior SEO & Social Media Marketing Executive and is responsible for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ activity. Jenni also managed various projects and campaigns for the marketing department, including the infamous Halloween Zombie contest of 2012.

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Turbo Time
By Jenni Brown

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Your Website

Business takeaways from fictional marketing geniuses: Turbo Man

The company behind Turbo Man remains anonymous. There are no clues to their branding, non-Turbo Man products, or even their name. For the purposes of the film, it doesn’t make a difference; it’s Turbo Man that’s the focus. However, when we’re looking at it from a ‘marketing geniuses’ perspective, it strips back a lot in terms of branding, perception and story around the business itself. Instead, the focus is very much on the product. This post goes back to the core of making your product and sales messages strong so you can then build your marketing outwards.

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