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This week is National Customer Service Week and Heart Internet will be joining organisations around the country to celebrate the vital role customer service personnel play in the success of a business.

Heart Internet wouldn’t be able to survive without its customer support team. Our team members work around the clock to get customers online, to ensure their sites are secure, and to help troubleshoot any technical issues they might be experiencing.

In the past 18 months our care personnel have not only had to adapt to new ways of working themselves, but they’ve been on hand to help customers adjust, too.

So, over the coming week we’ll be putting a few faces to the names you’ll see on your tickets and live chat conversations.

In a series of blogs, we’ll shine the spotlight on specific team members allowing you to discover everything from why they chose a frontline support job and what makes them proudest at work to what they do after they hang up their headsets and power down their computers at the end of their shifts.

Why we’re celebrating National Customer Service Week

You only need to glance at our Trustpilot page to know why we’re celebrating National Customer Service Week.

Customers rate us as 4.6/5 and the caliber of our support team is mentioned in review after review after review.

The words superb, professional, prompt, awesome, efficient, friendly, fast, fantastic and superstars crop up regularly in reviews.

One customer recently said: ‘Support has saved my day’.

However, we’re not just celebrating the positive reviews our team gets on Trustpilot during National Customer Service Week.

This week is also about recognising the incredible work ethic the team has and the passion they have for their roles.

During the interviews we conducted for this upcoming series of National Customer Service Week articles, our team members consistently made comments like:

‘Our mission is to help customers find success in their business ventures’.

‘I enjoy being able to encounter new issues and their resolutions, and learning new methods of troubleshooting.’

‘I like that I am able to learn new things every day’.

‘Making a meaningful difference to customers’ days by problem solving gives me a buzz.’

A taster of what you’ll discover about our care team this week

If you’ve ever contacted our care team, you’ll know that their personalities really shine through the live chats and tickets.

However, there’s even more to the team members than what you read on live chat and ticket.

This week you’ll discover that:

  • One member of the team finished in the top 10 runners in a marathon, despite proclaiming to be ‘not very sporty’.
  • One member of support has purchased and rebuilt several salvage cars in their spare time.
  • Another team member can eat four McDonald’s filet-o-fish burgers in 60 seconds.

Keep your eyes on the Heart Internet blog in the coming week to find out even more.

Discover more about National Customer Service Week

To find out more about National Customer Service Week, you can visit the official website.

The site features talks and workshops you can get involved with, resources for recognising your own team members, and thought-provoking articles on the future of customer service.

Need to contact Heart Internet’s support team?

You can find out all about how to contact Heart Internet on our support pages.


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