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The following are the browser stats for recent accesses to eXtend, which I hope will help resellers (particularly new resellers) work out their browser compatibility needs. (Please note that iPhones/iPads are identified separately – their usage is low enough that it falls below the threshold of this report).

Browser Versions

This is consistent with the pattern we generally expect to see: users of Firefox, Chrome and Safari are quite aggressive about updating, so you can pretty much rely on the version in use being very recent there; there are mercifully few users of Internet Explorer 7, while Internet Explorer 8 is still hanging around as a noticeable minority.

Browsers (General)

Firefox remains the most popular browser for eXtend users, but Chrome is in a very strong second place. As Firefox, Chrome and Safari have very good compatibility with each other, you can often assume that if your code works in one browser, it will work in the rest, but the most important thing is that it’s not broken in Firefox.

Operating System Versions

Vista is hanging in there, while XP is surprisingly still firmly entrenched in a very significant minority. As a general trend, we see slow migration from XP and Vista to Windows 7 (and other OSs), but for now you’ll still want to support Windows XP.

Operating Systems (General)

There’s a significant minority of users on Macs, but aside from that you’ll do pretty well if you just have compatibility with Windows.

Get the Stats

You can download the figures and higher quality versions of the graphs to use in your own infographics, blog posts or promotional materials.



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