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We have had a “Javascript Generator” page in eXtend for some years now. They were nice in their time (circa 2004) however scripts such as “bookmark us” buttons would just show text in modern browsers, the “popup page” would routinely be blocked nowadays, and the “frameless popup” only work in IE6. Simple widgets for a simple time.

Because of this we have replaced them with modified versions of some of our own code which can give your site more of an interactive feel. They’re all relatively simple code which you should be able to customise without much trouble.

There are a lot more scripts to choose from and we have also changed the way this page works so that it updates the page in-line rather than going to a new page. The page also puts in the name of the site being administered (where relevant) automatically.

Getting started

These are all live and ready to use within eXtend for all our web hosting customers. Simply log in to eXtend, scroll down to ‘Web resources’ and click on the ‘Javascript maker’ icon.

We have also updated this for reseller hosting customers to pass on to their clients. If you have the ‘Javascript maker’ feature already enabled for your customers you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t, and you’d like to, log in to your RCC and navigate to the ‘Configure hosting packages’ page. In ‘Web tools’ tick the ‘Javascript maker’ box and then click on ‘Edit package’ to save the changes.

The features…

AJAX include

This basically behaves a lot like using an


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