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By Marc Andrew

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Guest Posts, UI/UX

10 reasons why you should bring prototyping into your design process

For a UI/UX designer, the ability to prototype your designs is a much sought-after skill, and prototyping’s importance in the product design process shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. If you’re still unsure prototyping is something you want to bring into your design process, let Marc try and put your mind at ease with these ten points.

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By Oliver Lindberg

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The Business of Web Design – Free ebook to download

It’s one of the trickiest decisions any agency or freelancer has to make – what should you charge for your services? In this free ebook, we’ve surveyed hundreds of professionals to get a unique snapshot of the current state of the industry in the UK, as well as pricing, budgeting, billing, and scaling tips from experts in the industry.

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By Dudley Storey

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Guest Posts, Web Design

Integrating SVG into your site

Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is now excellent across all modern browsers, and the image format appears in sometimes surprising contexts on many different kinds of web pages. But despite existing as a standard for almost two decades, SVG remains somewhat new for some designers and developers, leaving them confused as to how it should used on their site. Dudley Storey gets into why you should be using SVG and how you can integrate them into your site.

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