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By Mariana Helguera and Kevin Cannon

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Ergonomics for UX designers

When you’re designing for use in the physical world, whether kiosks or other digital interfaces, relying on traditional UX standards can cause problems – not just for the user experience, but the ergonomics as well. Mariana Helguera and Kevin Cannon explore the techniques required for creating good UX for devices, whether it’s at the home, in your car, or at the airport.

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By Matthew Pattinson

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Guest Posts, Your Business

Why interactive content will work for your clients

Interactive content is all the rage these days, with the variety of tools and solutions to make your content interactive constantly growing. We’ll take a deep dive into what interactive content is and its benefits, and will also review some of the steps you can take to get the most out of interactive content for you and your clients.

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