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Zombie Hunt?! Whaaa? If you have no idea what this is because you missed the first day of the contest, check out the details and awesome prizes, then head to Zombie Hunt: Day 1 before reading the below.

You’re now a level 2 Human in a world even closer to a full-on zombie apocalypse. Despite your zombie killing success yesterday, T-Virus 2.0 is still breaking out, and the support team is still being infected. The question on everyone’s mind is: will you ever resolve your PHP memory problem?

Although you’re feeling rested, you have another concern. The sky is murky and overcast, and it looks like rain. This fact has not improved the mood of the Kitten Zombie GPS tracking device, who was already sulking because you made the mistake of referring to him as a sidekick out loud.

In the distance you spot a large building with what looks like a giant eye on the front. ‘Shelter’s shelter, right?’ you think, deliberately ignoring the inevitable clichéd outcome of every horror film, game, web comic and TV show you’ve ever seen.

As you head towards this somewhat familiar looking building, you hear the crash of thunder. Lightning strikes and the rain pours down. You roll your eyes at the predictability of it and carry on. Suddenly you hear a rustling in the nearby bushes. You turn quickly, but only hear footsteps running away. In the gloom you spot something, and reach over to pick it up.

**You gained an Umbrella**


This red and white umbrella looks somewhat familiar…you vaguely think it might belong to some kind of evil Corporation…But it means your hair still looks good in a downpour, so who cares.

You immediately open the umbrella, protecting you and the Kitten Zombie GPS tracking device from the increasingly heavy rain, and rush on. It’s steadily getting darker, and you can hear voices in the distance. They approach rapidly, and you wield the umbrella in preparation for battle.

As they come closer, you hear mutters about support tickets and social media. The mutters sound surprisingly human…it turns out that you aren’t facing a mob of zombies, but a crowd of other Heart Internet customers on the same mission as you! Relieved, you introduce yourself and begin talking hosting plans. Just as you mention that you’re thinking of upgrading to a dedicated server, you hear a warning cry. You may be mistaken, but you could swear it sounds like, ‘They’re coming to get you, Barbara!’ Zombies are approaching…but from which direction?

Clue: This isn't it It’s time to find the zombie mob! The mob image is hidden somewhere on heartinternet.uk – once you’ve tracked it down, click it to enter battle and unlock the next part of the hunt.

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