The 10 most read blogs on Heart Internet in 2020 | Heart Internet Blog – Focusing on all aspects of the web

On the Heart Internet blog this year we’ve covered topics from cyber security to team work. But some of them have piqued more interest than others.

Here’s our list of the most popular Heart Internet blogs of 2020 – with number one being the most read and number 10 being the less read of the bunch.

1. 5 best open world games: what web developers can learn from

This blog looked at elements of open world game design like branding and evolution to offer tips to developers.

2. Makeshift home office desks: the best from around the web

This article was published close to the start of lockdown when people were still taking a make do approach to home offices. It showcased some of the most unusual home workspaces from around the world, including one where a wheelie bin filled in for a desk.

3. 4 of the funniest adverts and what marketers can learn from them

This piece looked at ways advertisers for companies like Specsavers and Cadbury were using humour to build customer loyalty and to make their brands even more memorable.

4. 30 inspiring code pen demos to boost your CSS, SVG and JavaScript skills

The guest writer for this article has a rummage around the work of more than 1.8 million designers and front end developers in the CodePen community to find inspiring demos on everything from animating with CSS and SVG to CSS grid layouts.

5. Another 5 things you didn’t know a browser could do

This blog focussed on five web APIs that were especially relevant to mobile devices. They included Battery Status, Ambient Light Sensor and Web Share APIs. Instructions for how to use each API were included in the piece.

6. How to check email part one: hosted email on Windows 10 mail

This article was the first in a series of guides to email set up. The piece walked the reader through some of the different devices and systems they could use to check their email, offering step by step instructions.

7. 15 ways to hide your email address

This blog looked weighed up the pros and cons of using 15 different methods for hiding website email addresses from spam bots. The methods considered ranged from replacing the email address text with an image to hiding it using basic HTML codes.

8. Video call backgrounds: how to get it right

Published in June, when what felt like the entire business world was conducting meetings via video conferencing apps, this piece offered advice on how to pull of a polished and professional zoom or skype call.

9. The best songs to work to

This blog was created in response to a shout out on social media that asked followers of Heart Internet to nominate the songs they found it best to work to. As a result, a list of playlists that could potentially be classed as the ultimate workday playlists was rounded up.

10. Why you should work in the open and how to do it

This blog looked at the benefits of working transparently by sharing work before it’s finished. These benefits included the inhibition of spin and building self esteem.


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