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They grow up so fast don’t they?! In the year since we launched we have written a wide range of posts on topics related to a myriad of themes associated with owning and selling VPS.

VPS and dedicated server security

This is a fantastic, practical post, with tips and best practice which will allow you to secure your VPS or dedicated server (the principles are identical) itself, the sites it hosts, and also some things you can to prevent other kinds of attack outside of the scope of your server/sites.

Read VPS and dedicated server security

VPS and qemu-kvm

In this blog post we go into detail about how our VPS platform is implemented, using the open source qemu-kvm virtualisation platform.

Read VPS and qemu-kvm

Resellers: Knowing your VPS market and customers

Who buys VPS and why do they need it? This blog post looks at how VPS resellers can identify potential customers, different uses for virtual private servers, and how VPS is positioned in the market.

Read Knowing your VPS market and customers

Essential tips for selling VPS

If you haven’t yet added VPS to your line-up, or you aren’t actively promoting it, you’re missing out on a significant and rapidly growing market. Our virtual private servers are an excellent choice for plenty of different situations (including advanced multi-site hosting, ecommerce, data storage, mail server, and application hosting) and are a very cost-effective way to gain more control over software and hosting. We’ve put together some points to help you sell more VPS and get to grips with the main benefits of reselling VPS to your customers.

Read Essential tips for selling VPS

Selling VPS webinar: The video slides and a Q&A

In late 2011 we ran a webinar for our resellers about our to position and sell VPS to their customers. Here is the video recording and answers to questions we didn’t have time to answer.

Read Selling VPS webinar & The questions we didn’t have time to answer

Always improving

We’ve also blogged about all the continual enhancements we have made over the past year, including new operating systems, new one click install apps (here and here as well), adding Plesk Power Pack, and the VPS API.



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