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By Lucy Knight

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Web Hosting, WordPress, Your Website

Simple steps to protect your CMS

It happens often with content management systems. An exploit is found, website owners don’t update their software, and when their site is hacked, it’s a race against time before that server becomes another bot in the mindless horde. But there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

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By Kate Bolin

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Domain Names, Heart Internet, Web Hosting

Watch out for the latest phishing attempts…

You’ve come to expect phishing emails that pretend to be your bank. Or offering you Amazon offers. Or telling you your Steam account has been suspended. But phishing emails aren’t just focused on getting your banking details. With many people using the same passwords for multiple sites, getting just one password from one person can unlock dozens of sites. Phishers know this, and are trying new tactics, including sending emails about your domain name.

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By Ricky Hayes

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Heart Internet, Web Hosting

Under the Bonnet with Premium Hosting

Our award-winning Premium Hosting platform was designed and built from scratch to give our customers the best of both worlds – the convenience and security of shared hosting matched with the power and resilience of dedicated servers. Ricky, one of our system administrators, gets under the bonnet of Premium Hosting to show you how it works.

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By Matthew Telfer

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Web Hosting

What is Premium Hosting and how is it different?

We recently launched a brand new Premium Hosting service that gives you comparable power and reliability to a VPS/Hybrid server without any of the management. With full 24 x7 UK support and our system administrators and engineers managing all updates and maintenance for you, it’s completely hands-free hosting!

Here’s a more in-depth look at exactly what you get and what makes it different to help you decide whether or not Premium Hosting is for you. 

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